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2017 - the year of data-driven personalisation


2017 will see analytics playing a bigger role than ever for media selection, impacting both creativeand content. Messaging personalisation and user experience will have a crucial role to play, again all rooted in in-depth consumer understanding.

In a world that already relies on data to make decisions around personalisation and products, we’ll be going one step further.  Tailored offers are now expected as standard, and as marketers, one of the next big things we need to look at is even greater predictive content.  As an example, Sainsburys could use their data to understand what products you are browsing for, and by linking this data to your basket and purchase frequency, pre-populate a predictive shopping basket.

The next offers we receive will be ones that actually take away the pain of having to think about a shopping list and provide you with self-selecting shopping based on your purchase habits – and that’s before we factor in the possibilities opened up by Alexa and voice automation.