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We are delighted to announce the appointment of a new Head of Content at Response One, Toby Brown. With over 10 years of experience in creating compelling content for brands such as AOL, O2, Samsung, Twining’s, Bodyform & Bombay Sapphire, we’re excited to start creating inspiring content for our clients. To get to know Toby a bit better we sat him straight down for a quick Q&A.

1.  Content has grown in importance over the last five years, how do you see it developing over the next five?

History Fact: The first brand to use content as a tool to drive action was John Deere tractors in 1895 (now worth $26 billion).

Since then we’ve seen brands like Red Bull turning into media empires, an explosion of distribution channels, and many brands, publishers and agencies try to carve a piece of the content pie.

The next five years will see seismic shifts in distribution, form and creation, with more brands looking to turn into publishers. Key things to watch out for include personalised content, 360 video, VR/AR, AI being used to write news without human interaction (The Washington Post does this already), and somewhat less sexily a resurgence in both email and print as a way to cut through the clutter – like Air BnB’s new magazine.

Realistically all these changes will probably take place in the space of a year. In 5 years content will be beamed directly into our brains, which I’m fine with as long as it’s mostly puppy videos.

2. How do you see Content integrating into the Response One offering?

The best content is rooted in insight and data – something Response One has by the bucket load. By overlaying a content strategy onto relevant client’s businesses, we can make their budgets work harder, increase consumer propensity to respond and allow brands to effectively engage consumers across multiple touchpoints with creative ideas.

3. What is the most recent piece of content that has inspired you and why?

Maybe “inspired” is pushing it a bit, as I’m not going to a) try any of this, or b) buy any Redbull, but this is brilliant, nostalgic, creative and thrilling.

Westin Hotels Out Of Office generator (with McSweeney’s) is great – give it a go.

General Electric’s intriguing sci-fi podcast is a prime example of a well-established brand reaping the benefits of bravery.

Buzzfeed and Purina’s branded content video tugs straight on the heart strings but has a healthy amount of humour too – and is totally on-brand.

And of course, this Generic Branded Content video shows us how it should be done.

While we’re at it, has there ever been a better bit of brand content than the Lego Movie? 

4. What made you decide that Response One was the right company for you?

Response One has the capabilities, relationships and entrepreneurial spirit to empower our clients to grow through uniting content and data. When I came in I was impressed by the team spirit, can-do attitude and positive forward thinking. And of course the new furniture!

5. What skill sets do you think you will bring to our clients?

I'm passionate about getting stuff done and pushing creativity internally and externally - challenging clients to be brave in their marketing. Also: explosive power and good shoes….

If you want to find out more email toby.brown@responseone.co.uk