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Response one have collaborated with ASOS once again to create a bespoke beauty calendar!

Last year it was the second-most instagrammed beauty calendar on the market, and this year ASOS are pulling no punches in aiming for the top. Following the HUGE success of last year’s debut, ASOS and Response One are working together once again to bring their high end beauty calendar to market – this year worth a whopping £225! But they’re not stopping there, as well as the beauty calendar, ASOS are launching the first ever male Grooming Calendar to accompany the beauty one – that’s his and hers presents sorted this year.

Response One’s Brand partnerships team have pooled together their extensive list of sampling contacts, to collate 48 beauty and grooming products for the ASOS customer. Expect to see make-up, skincare, hair products from your favourite household names to lesser-known boutique brands in the Beauty calendar. ASOS’s debut grooming calendar has everything a gentleman needs from beard, to face to bath so whether you’re bald, bearded or have locks of long manly hair, there’s something in the grooming calendar for you!

In our 9 years of running ASOS’s sampling programme, we’ve helped to solidify the relationship between fashion and beauty. Offering beauty samples as an added gift has enabled ASOS customers to complete their look and try out products ASOS know their audience will love. This, in turn, has seen many brands find their products sold on the ASOS website, from big household names, to smaller independent brands.

The calendar is an opportunity for advertisers with any budget, big or small, to get their products in to the hands of the ASOS customer. Beautifully designed by ASOS, with our product knowledge and bank of sampling advertisers, we’ve worked closely with ASOS to create a product that gives the ASOS customer accesses to the best beauty products on the market, whilst shopping on their favourite fashion site…

The calendar gives the advertiser’s products a perceived endorsement from ASOS, encouraging customers to trial products recommended by their favourite retailer.

For ASOS, the calendars increase new business opportunities. They allow brands to trial sampling with ASOS, and experience the benefits before committing to a large scale sampling campaign. It also allows ASOS to work with new and exciting brands that are not currently stocked on their Face + Body page.

This year we had experience behind us, as well as a physical product to share with potential advertisers. We’ve been able to share the thousands of social media posts, the press coverage from the likes of Vogue and Cosmopolitan, the beauty blogs and vlogs from big players on the scene such as Zoella.

ASOS’s amazing design team have created two beautiful designs to hold the calendar products, with elegant swooping marble, they have outdone themselves this year!

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