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Social Media: Top 12 Tips to ‘tell your story’


After attending the Bath Digital Festival ‘Social Media & News: making the most of a story’ event this week the talk by BBC Radio Bristol I’ve been inspired to share their 12 top tips on how to get your Social Media advertising up to scratch.

BBC Radio Bristol uses Facebook as their main social media channel to promote their brand, as it’s suitable for their audience (20-35 year old females). An interesting insight was that Facebook, although usually considered a good platform for targeting a younger 16-18 year old demographic, this audience is actually present more on snapchat and Instagram, so something to bear in mind when planning social campaigns for clients who want to target this age group.

Understand how your audience uses social media and create content for these niche audiences to ensure it’s relevant. There’s no point in creating content if it’s not going to appeal to your audience – find out who they are and tailor your posts to what they would like to see and are likely to interact with.

Understand which devices people use social media channels on (mobile/desktop). Where are your audience most likely to view and interact with your content? BBC Radio Bristol’s findings show that there is a peak of desktop use rather than mobile at lunchtime, but ultimately mobile dominates. Square video formats work better than rectangle as people mostly view their videos on their phone upright rather than moving screen to and landscape view.

Sound on video content – findings show that the majority of people are more likely to watch a video without sound due to their surroundings when watching, including subtitles as an alternative. An interesting stat shared was that only 1/10 people actually watch videos with sound.

Targeting existing communities.

If you have an existing audience then use this to your advantage.

If you’re sharing some content about a football team for example, share this onto fan pages where you know the audience is already present and will be interested in the content to gain more reach and interaction through likes/comments/shares.

Emotionally engage with your audience. An example given at the event was a 999 call from a 3 year old girl, shown as a recording by BBC Radio Bristol on Facebook, melting the hearts of their target audience (20-35 year old women) and gaining enormous reach. This can be seen here. Personal and emotive stories get the most interaction.

Post-native – anything that would make a consumer leave the social media platform is automatically pushed down the hierarchy of what is shown e.g. YouTube, or a link out to a blog. This is something to bear in mind when sharing content on Facebook.

Get to the point quickly when posting video content. The first few seconds of a video are crucial in getting people to continue to watch & interact. You need to immediately grab the attention of the person watching, otherwise they’ll simply scroll on past.

Post topical content. What’s happening right now that your audience might be interested in? An example given at the event was the recent story about the ‘Red Hurricane Sun’ which was talked about all over social media and was interesting to the BBC Radio Bristol audience. To ensure your branding is ‘on point’ and up to date, why not for example, at Xmas time maybe add a snowflake into your display picture on your company Facebook page to let users know that you are keeping your page current with the season?

TIP 10
Social media post types:

  • Text updates are not an ideal way to get interaction, Video/Photo updates always get more interaction and grab attention immediately if they are interesting to your audience.
  • Instagram stories is a fairly new way to advertise to a younger audience. It’s a new feature that lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. As you share multiple photos and videos, they appear together in a slideshow format: your story. This was one of the crazes that BBC Radio Bristol said they were going to be doing a lot more of!
  •  Geofilters on snapchat – you can go to the website to find out how you can create your own – another great way to reach a younger audience via social media.
  • Infographic – this was an interesting one that I thought could be useful to any marketing team when posting social updates, you can visit the website and pay as little as £4 for one of their infographic designers to create a visually striking post – snazzy, good looking posts will always get the most traction, and will also promote your brand in a good light.

TIP 11
Love your posts! Don’t just post an update and leave it. Interact with consumers – comment back, get involved in conversations, share posts to other pages making the most of those ready-made audiences.

TIP 12
Always check out your competitors pages – what are they doing? How can you do it better? Experiment with their successful posts and make them your own. It’s not stealing an idea; it’s making it your own story.

Give it a go and tell YOUR brands story!