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Don't fill your data gap with crap


Of course you know GDPR is coming down the pipeline. It seems like it’s been the subject line of every newsletter, the headline of every conference, and the BIG question mark hanging over the last year.

So. What are you going to do about it?

How you are going to fill that inevitable hole in your warm pot in May?

Have you briefed your acquisition team to start spending money on data acquisition campaigns to fill that gap?

 Well, stop.

Take a step back before you task your agencies with delivering a grab bag of compliant names.  

Any media agency can get you large number of names – it’s not hard.  

But are they focussed on getting you not just names, but the most profitable ones?

At Response One, the media team works closely with both the CRM team and compliance departments. So yes I can, as per other media agencies, spend your money and get you lots of compliantly collected names - the difference is I can also get you valuable ones!

The whole process of data acquisition media campaigns starts with value exchange. Our personal data is important to us and we aren’t going to hand it over without something in return.

The key here, which other media agencies may miss as they focus purely on generating volume responses, is that the value exchange used will determine who you attract.

Why spend all this money on data acquisition campaigns to find you have the quantity of names but the quality is far from ideal.

I have seen prestigious brands downgrade their status by giving their media agency a target to improve response rate without thinking of the type of response they are attracting.

Yes, a chance to win a car or discount code will bring you in lots of data – but are these the consumers you want in your warm pot? 

Are you filling the gap with crap?

Did you spend money on a data acquisition campaign that brings you in people who will respond only if there is money off? It may hit the target response rate but is that really what you want?

And now this makes up a chunk of your warm data pot. This is reflected in your warm profile, who you then pass on to your acquisition team to target, all taking you down a slippery slope of building a CRM pot of people who are not the consumers that give you the LTV you want. It’s expensive and arduous mistake to undo!

The great news is that here at Response One we can get you quantity and quality. Having CRM as an integral part of our business means we don’t just think about the best response rate, but also what’s going to work best for your brand when that data is in the bank.

The key is holistic thinking, wrapping up analytics, CRM insight and media targeting with content and value exchange to acquire the best value customers for your long term goals.

So if you want a compliant data acquisition campaign that will get you the right customers for your business, drop me a line – lisa.hardaker@responseone.co.uk