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10 reasons to use your Face, not your Fingers, to Communicate in the Office

I’m Part Millenial. 

I’m old enough to remember with affection a time when Google Maps did not exist and you actually had to ask a person for directions when you were lost and when the BT callback feature was used on the daily when I was desperate to talk to my school friends for hours at a time despite having spent all day with them.  Phoning someone’s landline actually meant you may have to interact with your friend’s parents!  Cringe: how embarrassing.

I’m also young enough to appreciate the countless new technologies and to use them several times a day. Having lived abroad for the best part of 6 years, I credit Skype entirely for priceless face to face connection with my family and Whatsapp for keeping close friendships alive and ensuring that aside from physically being with my friends, I didn’t miss out on too much in their day to day lives.

In short, I think I have had the best of both worlds.

Since I started in Media the increase of use of emails has, probably, been in direct proportion to the decrease of phone conversations.  Whatever the stats and while email has its obvious and very important place, I think this is detrimental to the industry, which is, after all, all about communication. 

Here‘s 10 reasons why you should give your digits a rest and pick up the phone.

1. Speaking to someone on the phone helps you realise they are a PERSON, just like you!  They have good days, bad days, hopes, fears and dreams.  Speaking to someone and engaging in a little chit chat helps you paint a picture of them.


2. You develop better RELATIONSHIPS, which is key to all successful business.


3. If you’re ever in a pickle and need a favour, a good relationship can be the key to PROBLEM SOLVING and getting you out of tight spots.


4. Ever been on hold for hours at a time listening to a robot tell you which number to press and these having no relevance to you and you JUST WANTING TO SPEAK TO A PERSON?!  Course you have.


5. It’s (usually) FASTER.  There’s no minutes wasted finding the perfect word for your email, or waiting for an email response.


6. It’s FUN!  We are social creatures and not designed to be sitting all day with our mouths shut and fingers typing at the speed of a really, really fast piano tune.


7. Its WARMER than email and also much easier to read people’s emotions.


8. There is less chance of MISUNDERSTANDING or getting the wrong end of the stick on the phone.


9. It breaks up the time spent staring at the screen and is therefore likely to be GOOD FOR YOUR EYES.  It’s also good EXERCISE for your face muscles.


10. You can make really FUNNY FACES and gestures to you pod mates whilst on the phone.  If you make funny gestures without the phone, you just look like a weirdo.


At Response One, we start the week with team meetings and finish it with Happy Hour.  When I started working here I was personally introduced to every member of staff.  At lunch time the Rec Room buzzes with people chatting and playing foosball.  We don’t hide behind email and we pick up the phone.

Millenials and all.