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If you challenge us to show you how we’d invest £20,000 of your budget, we’re certain you’ll be as surprised as your new brand advocates will be.

We’ll match you up with well-known partner brands and take care of all the logistics and reporting, leaving you to concentrate on delighting a brand new pool of engaged consumers.

Brand partnerships are an increasingly popular way for non-competing retailers to access each other’s audiences, monetise their distribution channels and turn surprised consumers into loyal fans.

Simply put, one partner offers the other an opportunity to reach its audience with an exclusive offer across any of its branded touchpoints – banner spaces on email, in-store or via sampling with despatched products.

The other brand gets increased exposure to a database of consumers who have a proven interest in similar products, the partner brand gets to offer its valued customers a bespoke promotion and monetise its distribution channel and the consumer gets an added-value surprise, which they often love as much as the item they’ve purchased.

With such a simple concept and obvious value, it’s an approach we’ve used to generate great results for many of our clients, and it’s led to the formation of our Brand Partnerships team, bringing together all our partnership expertise and disciplines into a single team.

We’ve got a long and successful history of fostering partnerships between brands, which not only work to help both brands reach their business objectives, but also surprise and delight consumers – a three-way win – and our case studies prove just that!

We provide an extremely cost-effective route to market. For a fraction of your overall marketing budget, we can bring you closer to the consumers you need to target with an ROI that will make you reconsider traditional channels.

Get in touch and take the £20K challenge to see how Innovation and Collaboration can grow your business.