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I am tremendously excited about taking on the role of Chairman of CIM in Wales. CIM has been in existence for more than hundred years and is the world’s leading professional marketing body, so it’s uniquely placed not only to be the voice for the marketing community, but an active participant in shaping the future of our ever-changing profession. To be a part of this institution and to be able to influence it in Wales, is truly thrilling.

As a part of my role, my team and I will focus our efforts on championing the value of marketing. We intend to work tirelessly increase the credibility of marketing as an art and a science, and will ensure marketing is fairly recognised for the pivotal role it plays in driving businesses forward.

My immediate focus will be on growing the marketing community and developing marketer’s careers at all levels. We will establish links with student bodies, universities and education / academic establishments to counsel and mentor junior marketers looking to develop their careers.

I intend to establish working partnerships with other professional bodies to ensure they all understand the discipline of marketing and how it drives the strategic direction of business forward. I want to position CIM in Wales as the most trusted marketing advisory body and a source of best practice in marketing.

In order to achieve the above strategic goals for CIM in Wales, my first task will be to recruit a strong operating Board to drive the mission and vision of CIM forwards. The operating board will consist of senior marketers and practitioners who are specialists in different fields of marketing, allowing us to help develop and mentor marketer’s careers in different disciplines.

My operating plan for Wales will follow the recruitment of the Board and focus on disseminating as much marketing knowledge as we can. This will be driven by our Events and Communications plans.

We also want to encourage and recognise truly great marketing in Wales, which will be done through Marketing Awards. My operating plan will also include calling in very senior marketers and business leaders to talk about their experiences at networking events.

Over the next year I want to establish CIM as a ‘go-to’ marketing body in Wales whose opinion is sought at all levels and for CIM qualifications to become a standard requirement for marketers.

I can’t wait to get started.