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I have worked in marketing for (approx) 18 years. 6 years client side, 6 years at a mailing house, 3.5 years at a London agency and I am currently 2.5 years in to life at Response One.

It takes a special kinda person to work in an agency. You tend to find they are even more special if they genuinely truly love it...!

I have spent most of my career either as a supplier or working within an agency and I love it. I love the diversity, I love the exposure and I love the personalities that an agency pulls in.

Agencies demand a lot of their staff but the satisfaction you get from working on multiple clients with different needs and objectives is immense. Every day is different. Every client is different. Every task is different. The results are universally the same though; you get to make a difference to your clients, to your team, to your skill set. Every. day.

I’ve worked hard, I’ve failed, I’ve achieved, I’ve cried, I’ve laughed. I’ve met some incredible people, some who are, and will be, lifelong friends. But mostly I learned. I learned something every day. I still learn every day.

Here are my top tips on agency life:

  • Learn how to take a brief: If you are going to work at an agency, learn how to take a brief properly, don’t assume you know what the client needs, and don’t assume the client knows what they need. Understand what the client is trying to do and why they are trying to do it. That is the start of your brief and the key to being successful in delivery


  • Ask for help; this is important, not only for when you don’t know how to use the photocopier or the new coffee machine, and it’s part of the beauty of working in an agency; you have a diverse and hugely talented team all around you. You can’t know everything about everything. If you don’t know the answer, someone will!


  • There is no such thing a stupid question: Remember, you are a smart person. You know your stuff. If you need to ask the question, ask the question. I will always be the person in a meeting asking what the latest abbreviation stands for or what someone really means by some random jargon filled statement they’ve just made


  • Trust yourself: I only ever need to remind myself of this one when I have been over-thinking a brief or a project. You don’t get to have spent 18 years doing something without learning your trade. Your gut is often right; I apply this to everything from client briefs, to recruitment and everything in between


  • Don’t assume anything: The old adage with this one is so true. Assuming just gets you in trouble and quite frankly is a bit lazy. Assumptions make everyone feel like everything is sorted but all they do is move the pain point and ultimately create risk, risk that will eventually surface. I have been there. It’s no fun. Don’t assume anything.

Life at Response One means I get to work with smart, intelligent, focused people. At a fearless and clever agency that allows me to do me. Allows me to be the best version of myself at all times. Allows me to continue to learn and be challenged and always makes sure that every decision I make for my clients is the right decision not the easy one!

I love my clients. I love my team. I love Response One.

(...and I don’t even care how cheesy that sounds!)