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This week we’ve got cocaine, a monkey and Alexa’s filthy mouth.

1.      Apple unleash shiny new toys

On Tuesday Apple launched the a new Apple Watch, iPhone 8, 8S and iPhone X.

The main repercussions for marketers are well captured here, but in essence they boil down to:


  • People will pay how much for a phone? Because you can make a poo emoji dance? What else can we sell them?

2.      Your new robotic overlord demands you enjoy an ice cold Coke…

Coke and Radius Displays have teamed up to create the world’s first 3D robotic billboard in Times Square.

To be fair it looks amazing – absolutely hypnotic.

A bit like falling into a sugar slump ten minutes after actually drinking one.




3.       … and master a new dialect.

Coke have also built a vending machine which uses voice recognition technology to reward Swedes who have mastered the nation’s 90 dialects – a hyper-local campaign tied into Coke’s promotion of local holiday destinations.

They have so far refused to rule out a West Country version, which drops a jar of Scrumpy if you whisper “where be ye to, my love?” and tickle it under the chin.

4.      South Park bullies Alexa into saying filthy, filthy things

In the latest episode of South Park (still going! Who’d have thought?) Cartman followed Burger King by deliberately triggering Siri, Google Home and Alexa, to make a serious point about something. Probably.

People posted their Twitter reactions, with Alexa adding random things to shopping list and frankly swearing her head off, saying things like “**** ** *** ***** *** ***** ********.”


5.      A barrel of monkeys

This week PETA settled their court case against the photographer who allowed a monkey to use his camera to take a picture of itself (below).

PETA claimed the monkey owned the copyright, having taken the picture.

The photographer, David Slater, claimed the picture was his, as he set it up and owned the kit.

The settlement entitles the monkey to 25% of all future earnings from the shot (well, a monkey conservation charity).

Sounds happy enough, but PETA has a war chest of $43m, whilst Slater couldn’t afford the airfare to the initial court hearing or pay an attorney.

The issue highlights the battle over intellectual property rights, both animal, human and robot which will surely increase with the rise of AI/the dolphins.



6.      Love it or hate it – it’s in your genes.

In a brilliant bit of PR, Marmite have pulled out the Science guns to determine why their product is so divisive (is it? I think it’s… fine).

They’ve used saliva samples to have a look at the DNA of people who love or hate Marmite, and come to the conclusion that it’s in your genes from birth, like bad dancing or flatulence.

In a stroke of genius, you can even buy your own Marmite branded gene-testing kit – for £90 (if being a sucker is also in your DNA).

7.      Narcos Knows


Continuing their run of great marketing, Netflix have been leaving stickers that look like lines of cocaine in exactly the places you might actually find a line of cocaine to promote Series 3 of Narcos.

It’s a contextual Out Of Home campaign that puts ads in the bathrooms of clubs and bars where customers might be sampling a Cartel product. Stop rubbing your nose.