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Wondering How to Integrate AI? Use Your Imagination.

By Rob McGowan, Strategy Director.

My Dad is an academic who works in the field of modern languages.  A few years ago I remember him telling me that the most useful thing our schools could do was to teach and  encourage their young students to learn Mandarin, or one of the Indo-Aryan languages, probably Hindi.

It made sense, these economies were and are surging in comparison to the sluggish old world. More recently, the advice has been that our children should learn to code. Again, it makes sense, the big-data/small-data/social-data/connected-data (whatever..) revolution has placed a premium on those that have the ability to code and to bend the data to do their will.

But - and this is even more relevant to the marketing industry – I suspect one skill that will become critical is the ability to be imaginative, to be creative and to dream ideas. In a world where Google Translate can sort you out with whatever language you need while on the move, and with machines soon to become capable of writing code themselves, we will need people who can connect the dots, make associations between things that machines might struggle with, and who can innovate the ideas that can be executed by the machines.

The world of marketing – dominated so much recently by words and terms such as ‘programmatic’, ‘automation’, ‘DMP’, ‘DSP’, ‘customer science’ and so forth - will revert to one driven by great ideas. The creatives will return to the top table, and data driven agencies will re-shape to make creative a key element of their portfolio. So, the next time your kid asks what they should do, tell them to go daydream.