Legal & General (L&G) operate in the cluttered and highly competitive Over 50's market.

Their business objective was to improve the ROI of their Direct Mail campaigns. To achieve this, they needed to increase their ability to reach those most likely to invest in their proposition.

After thorough research our team felt that propensity modelling would provide the ideal solution. It would help L&G to better understand the behaviour and decision making of their customers.

By showing an uplift in ROI and understanding the key factors behind customers' responses, we could go further. There was the potential to improve conversion, effective targeting and the efficiency of data buying.


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Following extensive competitor and market research, our team held stakeholder interviews. The aim was to capture previous insights and experience and ensure we incorporated them into the new models.

Our models utilised previous responder history and third party geodemographic data sources. These factors provided impressive insights toward the profiles and decision making of L&G's customers.

We identified clear differences between customers who were responding to L&G's communications and those who weren't.

To ensure the models were well understood throughout the business, we delivered a Scenario Planning Tool. Changing key variables in the model is usually complex. 

But this tool enabled the whole team at L&G to easily modify key variables. They could then review the impact on any predicted responses and conversion rates and plan accordingly. 

The model outputs provided clarity on a blind spot where the 'Over 50's' proposition was failing to gain traction. Using this information L&G successfully launched a new proposition aimed at this demographic during their next campaign.

As well as identifying gaps in the market, the propensity model highlighted the profiles of customers most likely to respond. Decile information and uplift charts gave L&G clear understanding of the break-even point. As a result, L&G changed their targeting criteria and volumes across future campaigns.

“The whole team here at Response One are thrilled to be recognised for ‘Best use of Data & Analytics’ by the CIM for our partnership with Legal & General. We believe in generating actionable insight that actually delivers results and enables our clients to evolve their ideas and develop innovative new propositions. The award was a valued acknowledgement of this belief and the commitment and sheer hard work that the team put in.”
— Damian Coverdale, MD Response One


We are proud to say that our model also determined L&G's most valuable response profiles. We termed this their 'sweet-spot'.

By using our model the response rate for the next campaign increased by an impressive 56%. It saved L&G an estimated £800,000 on their Direct Mail campaigns over the course of the first year, and continues to save them £230,000 every quarter.

Our Scenario Planning Tool has become a highly valued asset to L&G. It is now the standard tool for all their Over 50's direct mail campaigns because it makes forecasting 'what-if' analyses so easy

Following the ROI improvements and huge cost savings, L&G and Response One are collaborating again. This time the aim is to develop a similar model for their Term Insurance products.



As the partnership evolves, Response One is working with L&G to optimise their overall marketing performance. This effort includes marketing-mix and attribution modelling.

To ensure further success in understanding behaviours and the customer journey, our team are developing models utilising L&G's individual customer segments. This will not only improve performance across all communication efforts, but also provide clear understanding of how L&G can place their customers at the heart of their marketing.