Led by our sister agency Branded3, Vue cinemas needed us to shake up their current PPC activity by reducing non-converting spend, generating efficiencies from existing PPC activity and ensuring account revenue growth fitted within tight CPA targets.

Vue Cinemas have 84 cinema locations across the UK but previous strategy wasn’t geo-tailored, resulting in wastage of spend and lack of ad relevancy.  This was hindering growth, meaning Vue were paying more than they should have been for both non-converting & converting terms.

PPC had never delivered value, so we were challenged to reverse this trend. However, we had to be mindful of making PPC work without cannibalisation of organic traffic, instead making SEO and PPC work in harmony for optimal return. 




To deliver growth we knew that we needed to remove the wastage of spend on non-converting areas/keywords via a full account restructure. No small task – but we completed it in less than a week.

We created a detailed process for restructure & transition phased by location and campaign type.

This ensured as smooth a transition as possible without any dips in performance, before re-writing the entire PPC account, employing BMM and Exact only match types, splitting out each campaign type by the individual cinema location and then up-weighting bids depending on cinema priority.

We had a reasonably short lead to time to deploy the new structure in order ensure that the new site launch could be supported through PPC; 

especially important if for any reason we saw dips in traffic through Organic search, which we kept an extremely careful eye on. The site launch went smoothly with very little dips in rank or traffic share from SEO.

We capitalised on the successful deployment of the new PPC structure to strategically grow revenue. Bidding rules were built in DoubleClick to apply advanced bidding strategies, scaling back on inefficient areas and supporting areas which delivered more sales at an under target CPA.

We also tested the impact of PPC Brand activity on Organic traffic, sales and revenue, proving our hypotheses of a clear link between them and showing an incremental uplift in revenue.

focal banner-01.png



Our primary objective was account growth whilst achieving and maintaining a cost effective CPA.

Within two days post migration on to our new structured accounts, we achieved an uplift of 336% in CTR, a 121% increase in Conversions and an 84% reduction in CPA.

The secondary objective was to prove the value of PPC on Organic performance. We managed to prove through switching Brand PPC on for 17 days, which created a 16% uplift in pure organic visits and a 68% uplift in transactions. The analysis highlighted that through PPC Brand being switched off there was a £2.5million lost revenue through both channels.




We continue to outperform previous PPC campaigns and to drive down the CPA of generic keywords, something that has never been profitable through PPC.

You can read the full Vue cinema case study on Branded3's website here.